co Can You Build A Brand On Facebook? |

As marketers, we like to talk about how you can brand yourself wherever you go. You can brand yourself on Google and Bing. You can brand yourself on billboards. You can brand yourself at the local Chamber of Commerce. You can brand yourself on Twitter. You can brand yourself with articles and through your blog. But can you brand yourself through Facebook?

Can you brand your company through Facebook?

Keep in mind that you and your company – even if it is a sole proprietorship – are two different things. Your company might have a page, but does it have a profile on Facebook? You certainly have a profile, but do you need a page?

These are questions you’ll have to ask yourself when attempting to use Facebook for branding. But let’s talk first about your wall. Let’s say you have a profile, but your business does not. Should you post repeated status updates about your business on your wall?

I wouldn’t encourage that. What I would encourage you to do is to use Facebook as a lifestream. Don’t tell everything about yourself. It isn’t therapy. But do let your fans and friends know who you are. Post about your hobbies and interests, news stories you read, talk about your children and grandchildren, and, yes, talk about your business.

Your business is a part of you. It’s not all of you. It’s only a part of who you are. Facebook is a place where you can be who you are. By branding yourself completely as an individual, you can gain some business from the tool. Use Facebook as a tool, not weapon.