co How Google+ Can Overrun Facebook |

It wasn’t long ago that Facebook surpassed Google in being the most visited website online. That’s because there are a lot of people who just want to socialize with their friends and not use the Internet like a library. But Google+ could change that.

What would Google+ have to do to make itself the No. 1 social networking website online? Just one thing.

The big beef a lot of people have with Facebook is that it isn’t “open.” You can’t do a whole lot of interacting with your friends through other social networks. Facebook follows the “proprietary” system.

And then there’s the whole privacy issue.

If Google+ addressed both of those concerns head on and gave users what they want, then Google would overrun Facebook and become the No. 1 search engine and the No. 1 social network.

WebProNews reports a new Google+ feature coming soon:

The new feature addresses those times when you want to invite your friends, but don’t know their email addresses. When you click the “invite friends” link from your Google+ account, you’ll find a new link that you can send to friends via Instant message or post on the web…or on Facebook perhaps?

If Google+ allowed current users to invite their Facebook friends, that alone would increase its membership tremendously.

Google+ already does something that Facebook doesn’t. It allows you to organize you friends by “circles.” You can send information, links, and communicate with your circles independently, meaning if you want a certain link to be shown only to your friends and immediate family, then you can do that. Not on Facebook.

The Circles feature allows for greater privacy through Google+. Some people would argue it’s not enough – but it is something. And I think it’s a big enough deal that it could allow Google+ to overrun Facebook.