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I recently came across a unique use of social media that really got me to thinking, and once you hear about it, you should start thinking too.

During the next four weeks, Davinci Virtual will release clues, possibly riddles, to a contest through their social media accounts. Contestants – that’s you and me! – are to find these clues and give their answers on a special answer page.

When the contest is finished, a random winner will be selected and announced on the company’s Facebook page.

I hope you see what I see. Running contests through social media is nothing new. But the extent of this contest and how it is being rolled out is what makes it unique. Someone at Davinci Virtual will have to spend some time managing this process. And that alone makes the use of social media unique.

But there’s another thing to think about here – something very clever. In order to enter the contest, you have to follow Davinci Virtual through their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. After all, you’re looking for clues and that’s where the clues will be dropped.

Which social media spot will be the location for the clues? You don’t know, and neither do I! The mystery is what makes this sound fun.

If you’re thinking of ways to increase your follower count on social media where you hang out, and to ensure that you get targeted followers, hold a contest similar to this one. Make sure that contest is interactive so that people have to engage with you. There’s no better way to build a following and make targeted contacts through social media.