co As Social Networking |

Are you a big reader? Do you use a lot? Buy books, read books, download Kindle files? Did you know you can use as a social networking tool?

This is truly a useful tool for writers, musicians, artists, other crafts persons, and people in the publishing industries. can be your niche networking space.

Here are some tips to help make a social networking application for you:

  • When you read a book, listen to music, or try out a new product, leave a review. Amazon also has a cool feature for reviewers called Real Name. If you leave your reviews in your real name, as opposed to a fictitious name, you can designate that with your Amazon reviews.
  • You can designate a Wish List on Amazon and display your wish list with a widget on your website or blog.
  • If you are an author, you can set up an author’s profile at Amazon and communicate with your fans.
  • With the Amazon Give Facebook app, you can display your wish list on your Facebook page.
  • Amazon Grapevine is another Facebook app that posts updates to your friends’ Facebook walls every time you take an action on Amazon.

Amazon can be used for social networking. It’s more than just an online department store. It’s an online department store with social benefits.