co 5 Places To Publish Your Articles |

Article marketing is still alive and well on the Internet. Do you ever wonder where you can publish your articles and build links back to your website or get the attention you deserve as an expert in your field? Here are 5 non-article directories that are great places for marketing your article content.

  • Squidoo – Squidoo is the brainchild of popular author and marketing genius Seth Godin. You start a “Lens,” which is a single-page resource on a given topic. You’re allowed to link to other places on the Web, and that includes your own websites.
  • HubPages – HubPages is a place for authors to publish articles on a variety of topics. You can monetize your articles on HubPages with your Amazon affiliate links, Google AdSense, eBay, and other monetization strategies. Another thing you can do is link out to other pages on the Web.
  • Knol – Google Knol pages have become very popular as well. These articles tend to be more technical in nature and you can add as many links to your Knol pages as you want. Written well, they can be a great source of information and establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Helium – Helium is another site similar to HubPages where you can write articles on specific topics, monetize them, and build links to other pages on the Web.
  • Triond – Triond is unique. You publish your articles on topics at Triond and they are syndicated to niche websites so that you can reach a larger audience.

For greater leverage and flexibility, try using these 5 websites for publishing your articles. Note, however, that you’ll be more effective at each site if you publish only original articles.