co Is E-mail Marketing Really A Panacea? |

For years we’ve been listening to online marketing experts talk about how e-mail marketing is the most effective marketing online. Is it really?

Yes, I’ll have to agree.

For one thing, postage rates are going up. That means the cost of direct mail marketing is getting to be out of reach for a lot of businesses. But you can often get great results – in many cases, better results – from e-mail marketing than you can from direct mail marketing. And at a lesser expense.

If you are a company still tied to the old newsletter model of business, then I encourage you to update your practices. You might be reluctant to do that, but I think there are some real practical reasons to do so. These include:

  • E-mail marketing is less expensive
  • Most companies who switch realize an equal or greater response than their direct mail response rate
  • E-mail is more convenient for most people
  • E-mail is at least opt-in and best practices is double opt-in so you’ll get fewer complaints and better responses
  • Since it is less expensive, you don’t need the same response rate to realize an ROI
  • Tracking results is easier and more accurate

There are lots of reasons to switch from direct mail marketing to e-mail marketing. I highly recommend that you consider doing that now.