co Why Is Social Overtaking Search? |

You may have noticed that in recent years social media is getting to be more popular than search. Why is that? I think I know a few of the reasons.

No. 1, search is a technical skill. Socializing is a natural human activity. Internet marketers who consider themselves naturally social will prefer those modes of marketing that allow them to exercise their natural human faculties. Social media does that. Search does not.

Search is hard work. Social media not so much. Sure, you might have to put in some time. But for the most part, you just show up and do what is natural.

With search, you have to do research and learn how to beat the competition. With social, all you have to do is build relationships.

Search is not something that everyone is interested in. Some people don’t want to type in a word or a phrase and get back a set of results that someone else thinks is important. Some people would rather find information based on what their friends say is important. Social media allows them to do that. Search does not.

Human beings are social creatures. Searching for information is not a natural human endeavor. Building relationships is.