co Google Places Rocks! |

If you’ve been wondering just when Google Places was going to get its act together and starting being social in a social media world, it’s time to relax. They’re actually getting there.

For the record, I’ve kind of been wondering myself. Just when is Google Places going to allow you to do more than list your business and rate other businesses in a website environment that looks like it was built in 1998? Well, take a look at Google Places now.

Google’s Lat Long blog has announced some upgrades to Google Places recently.

Google has made it easy for you to upload a photo to your Google Places profile, which is now linked to your Google account profile in a very obvious way. You can also see all of your reviews on a single page, making the review process simpler and a lot more fun (I love the way that Google has formatted the reviews pages so that users can easily give their favorite places stars and easily write and edit reviews).

When users log into their Google Places account, they’ll now receive recommendations based on past places visited and location. If you are an existing business near another business that has been reviewed, there’s a good chance that you’ll be reviewed too.

Another nice feature is the ability, and the ease of it, of adding friends to your Google Places profile. I really like that feature!

There is no better time than now to encourage your customers to stop by Google Places and give you an honest review. Make sure you stress “honest.”