co What Is True Reach? |

Klout users will recognize the metric known as “true reach.” Even if you don’t use Klout but are active in social media, you might have heard the term. But what does it mean?

True reach is a measure of your target audience’s real strength. For instance, if you follow 100 people on Twitter and each of them follow 100 people, your potential audience is 100 X 100, or 10,000 people. But that isn’t your true reach. It’s your potential reach.

True reach is based on meaningful interaction. Let’s say that out of your 100 followers, you have 10 that you interact with on a regular basis. You have strong relationships with those 10 people and they retweet your messages on a regular basis to their 100 followers. Your true reach represents those 10 followers and their 100 followers each. That’s a true reach of 1,000.

So you have 100 followers and a true reach of 1,000. But why does a social media marketer’s true reach often measure lower than their own follower count? That’s because you have a lot of followers who aren’t really paying attention to you.

If you have 5,000 followers on Twitter and 2,000 on Facebook but only meaningfully interact with 20 followers on both platforms, your true reach is going to be a measure equal to those 20 followers and the number of followers they have plus the frequency and depth of your interaction with them. If the 20 most active followers you have average 10 followers each, then that’s a true reach of 200 (20 X 10).

The key to obtaining a high true reach metric is to be influential within an influential group. Let’s say you influence only 5 of your 7,000 followers in social media, but let’s assume those 5 followers have 100,000 followers each. That’s a true reach of 500,000.

In a word, your true reach is the measure of your effectiveness within your social circle. If you want to expand it, find the people who will hang on your every word.