co One More Reason To Start Marketing Online |

The U.S. postal service is dying. And it’s the Internet’s fault. Just like CDs killed the cassette tape and electricity killed the kerosene lantern, the Internet (e-mail, SMS, Twitter, et. al.) is killing snail mail.

Watch this interview with the U.S. postmaster general.

In other words, what he’s saying is the U.S. postal service is dying a slow death. It’s not a fast one. It’s a slow one. But there are some stark implications here for businesses.

If you’re used to sending out direct mail literature, your costs are going to continue to climb. Not only that, but eventually the mail will be delivered less often. That means your ROI is going to plummet. That’s the good news.

The bad news? Uh, well, let’s see … I guess there isn’t any. Unless you work for the post office, in which case you might lose your job.

This truly is good news for any business because the truth is you can get more effective marketing for less investment online. If you didn’t already know that, it’s been that way for at least five years. For many businesses, it’s been true for ten or fifteen years. Guess what? The benefits to marketing online are going to get better.

I’m not saying you should shift your entire direct mail budget to online marketing right now, but you should be considering an online marketing plan today. Get yourself set up for the inevitable decline of snail mail and U.S. postal service direct mail marketing. Online is where it’s at.