co So How Do You Integrate Your Message? |

Yesterday I discussed integrating your online and offline marketing. I’m glad readers understood what I was saying and took the message to heart. But how do you integrate your marketing so that your branding message is unified?

In a word, you should do one of two things. Either put your Internet marketing under your overall marketing umbrella so that one follows the other, or have a liaison between the two that works to simplify and integrate your message.

Simplify and unify!

That’s your key, but what are the dangers?

If you put your Internet marketing department under your marketing department you run the risk of the marketing department dictating tactics to the Internet marketing side of your business and that would be a big no-no. Traditional marketers do not always understand Internet marketing tactics. And while the message of the two should be synchronized, it is impossible to get the tactical side of the equation to synchronize.

On the other hand, if you let your Internet marketing team run loose, then you could get yourself into trouble. It is much more difficult to reign in loose cannons, wild west gunslingers, and team member mavericks online than it is with traditional marketing. You can’t swallow the message and make it disappear. Once it is out there, it’s out there.

This is why I recommend a liaison who speaks to the two departments and keeps them informed without having either department dictate to the other. They should be unified, but that doesn’t mean straitjacketed.