co Stop The Spam, Please! |

There are a variety of forms of spam. One particular type of spam that I find particularly egregious is blog comment spam because I see so much of it. Here are five specific ways I can tell a blog comment is spam and why I won’t approve it.

  1. Your comment is written by your company name or a keyword phrase. What this tells me when I see it is that you are looking for free link juice and aren’t really interested in engaging with me and my blog readers. If that is the case, then I’ll send your blog comment to the spam folder.
  2. Your e-mail address is from an obvious fake domain name or from a Web marketing company’s web address. If your Web marketing company can’t leave me your e-mail address or an e-mail address from your domain instead of theirs, then I know you paid someone to get you back links. You’re trying to game me. Your comment won’t be approved.
  3. Your comment is too generic. If the comment you leave on my blog is a comment that could have been left anywhere, then it won’t be approved. Address something that I wrote about in my blog post. Otherwise, your comment will be treated like spam.
  4. Your comment is full of links. Seriously, if you add your website address to the URL field of the comment form, you’ll get your link. You don’t have to fill your comment with multiple links back to different pages of your website. That’s obvious spam.
  5. It’s written in a foreign language. If I can’t read it, then most of my readers can’t either. The only person it benefits is you, and that’s questionable. Write your comments in English or they will be sent to the spam folder.

These are pretty standard blog comment approval policies. I don’t hold any ill will toward anyone wanting inbound links to their website, but I only approve comments for this blog if they are of some value to my readers. And I’m not unique in that regard.

Don’t be a spammer. Please add value to your comments or they won’t be approved.