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If you know who John Battelle is, then you’re doing good. He’s one of the pioneers of the Internet and actually has quite a following. He recently decided to turn the comments to his blog completely off.

OK, so why should you care?

Because John’s blog, Searchblog, is not on WordPress. And why is that a big deal? As he mentions in the blog post.

Moveable Type’s spam blocking is terrible.


Who knew John Battelle was using Moveable Type?

At one time, Moveable Type was one of the leaders in blog platform software. As was several other early blogging platforms like Greymatter. And it surprises me, but people still use that one!

WordPress, however, has emerged as the industry leader in blogging software. There are several reasons for this:

  • It is free
  • It is open source and therefore easily manipulated for one’s own purposes
  • There is a strong support community
  • There are tons of free themes as well as premium themes on the market for WordPress
  • A virtual marketplace of free and premium plugins make WordPress infinitely more robust
  • A huge development community is always at work to make WordPress better
  • WordPress has natural built-in SEO benefits

If you know that you are going to start a blog for your business, don’t bother using another software. Go straight to WordPress. In addition to the above benefits, it has the strongest spam protection of any blogging software on the planet. And it’s easy to use.