co Are You Local, Global, Or Does It Matter? |

The moment you decide to put a website online, you’ll have to make a few decisions. It doesn’t matter if your website is an extension of your off line business or if it is a standalone entity. You’ll still need to make the same decisions (an extension of an off line business may actually have a few more to make). One of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not your Web business is local, global, or if it even matters.

If you are local, you’ll spend a good deal of your time marketing your website in very specific ways:

  • Online Yellow Pages
  • Local directories
  • Off line

Just to name a few.

But what if your business is global?

Global online businesses have specific marketing plans as well, but it’s actually a little more difficult to plan for local online marketing. That’s because there are certain things you have to consider that you wouldn’t necessarily consider for a global brand. However, it might take you longer to achieve search engine traction for your global brand.

You’ll have to figure out how local search will play into your overall SEO initiatives. And you’ll have to figure out how social media will play a part in your online marketing as well.

When you run a local online business, consider how you will find your customers using local online marketing tactics. It’s not as easy as you’d think.