co Google To Rebrand Picasa, Blogger |

Mashable is reporting that Google is planning to rebrand two of its largest Web products – Picasa and Blogger. The rebranding supposedly is taking place in concert with the public launch of Google +. Here’s my question: Why?

I understand rebranding Picasa. It’s new name will be Google Photos. When I think of Picasa, I think of Picasso – the famous painter. But Picasa is about photos, not paintings.

I don’t know if that’s what the creators of Picasa had in mind when they built the photo sharing site, but that’s what I think about. So I can understand changing the name of Picasa to Google Photos. But what about Blogger?

The proposed new name of Blogger is Google Blogs. I’m not sure I like that. But the real overriding question is whether or not the services will change, and it appears that they won’t. So if Blogger isn’t going to change in nature, will changing the name to Google Blogs make much of a difference among those who use it? I’d say probably not.

When it comes to branding, merely changing the name of a subsidiary service won’t make it a better service. In case of Picasa and Blogger, they’re popular and good services as they are.