co LinkedIn Is The #1 Social Network |

A new report shows that LinkedIn – not Facebook and not Twitter – is the No. 1 social network. If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense.

Facebook is still a personal space for a lot of people. It’s a place to connect with friends and family. And, yes, if you own a business, then you probably use it for that too. But there is, and there will always be, an element of personal in Facebook.

Twitter, on the other hand, hasn’t caught on in the mainstream just yet. And, who knows, it may never do so. But among the crowd who use it, it has become a micropublishing platform. It’s a place where people can share their favorite links in a stream that can be followed or unfollowed at will by anyone willing to tolerate the noise. But, as mentioned, it isn’t mainstream.

LinkedIn, however, is strictly business. That’s obvious. And if you want to connect with others who are strictly business, then LinkedIn is the place to go. Plus, it has caught on. Not necessarily in the general public, but in the business community worldwide.

I’m not a bit surprised that, in terms of ROI, business professionals find LinkedIn to be their most important social network. Are you?