co Smartphone Apps: Smart Marketing Or Fad? |

It seems that smartphone apps are making a big play. They are becoming more and more popular and present themselves as an awesome way for businesses on the go to take advantage of mobile marketing. But is it a fad or this trend here to stay?

I certainly don’t think mobile marketing is going anywhere. It will only get better. And it seems that smartphones – iPhones and Androids – may stick around as well. But who can predict the future?

I think, at least, for the near future, you can bet on smartphones to be influential in the mobile marketing arena. Small businesses and large businesses alike are getting in on the action. So if you are thinking about having a smartphone app developed for your business, I’d encourage you to go ahead while the action is still hot. You can always redirect your mobile marketing efforts later if the trend changes or migrates to new devices.

When it comes to any type of marketing, taking action now is always better than waiting to see what happens later. You can wait yourself right out of an opportunity, but if you’ve already taken advantage of the opportunity that has presented itself, then when it’s time to move on to something else your migration can go a lot more smoothly.

What do I recommend for your mobile marketing efforts right now? A smartphone app and a QR code. Next year is a different story.