co The First Step To Going Viral (You Won't Have A Chance If You Don't Do This) |

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “gone viral.” Viral marketing is a term that was coined in 1997 when Hotmail got everyone to sign up for a free e-mail account. I’d be willing to bet you were one of those who did it (and you might still have that account). Am I right?

Asides aside, David Jackson has an awesome article at SiteProNews that showcases 7 viral marketing techniques that work. And believe me, they ALL work.

Those 7 techniques (in a nutshell) are (brace yourself – spoilage coming):

  1. Videos
  2. Social media
  3. Articles
  4. Twitter
  5. Share widget
  6. E-books
  7. Newsletter

Trust me, these techniques all work. I know because I’ve tried them. But before you go out and start implementing these techniques in your marketing campaigns, there is one thing you have to do before you start seeking the viral in viral marketing. Do you know what that one thing is?

I hear you saying, “Create content.” That’s true. Without content, you can’t go viral. But that’s not it.

How about “great content?” Close, but no cigar.

Give up?

Well, I don’t want to keep you guessing for the next 20 days, so I’m going to spill the beans. In order for your content to go viral, you first have to create awesome knock-your-socks-off content. Truly, I mean your content has to be so awesome that your readers, site visitors, or whoever you put that content in front of forgets everything else and helps you promote it.

That’s it. Viral marketing is nothing more than word of mouth advertising at near lightning speed. OK, slight exaggeration. What I mean is: Super Fast Speed.

To achieve that effect, your content has to be awesome and nothing short of it.