co Groupon: More Effective Than LivingSocial |

If you’re a big daily deals type of person, then you might find a new study showing Groupon the real leader in daily deals by more than 2 to 1.

Keep in mind that Google Offers is barely two months old, so the study could be biased. But Groupon and LivingSocial have been going at it for some time now.

Here are the story’s highlights:

  • Groupon is the most popular daily deals site with 51% of survey respondents saying they use the site (to LivingSocial’s 24%)
  • Subscribers who bought a deal at Groupon equal 47% compared to 22% for LivingSocial and 12% for Google Offers
  • Almost one third of daily deals subscribers who bought an offer were new customers (27% infrequent, 38% frequent)

ForeSee, the company that released the results had this to say:

ForeSee says the main takeaways is: “Daily deals are an effective means to growing your customer base, and Groupon is the best of the bunch so far.”

Here’s some other interesting data:

  • 9% of Groupon subscribers are 18-24; 11% for LivingSocial in this age range
  • 50% of Groupon subscribers are 25-44, LivingSocial = 60%
  • 35% fall into the 45-64 age range at Groupon, 26% at LivingSocial
  • 5% are 65 and over at Groupon; 3% at LivingSocial
  • The male/female break down looks like this: 37%/62% at Groupon; 36%/63% at LivingSocial

The number I’d like to point out here is the 85% (50% age 25-44 at Groupon + 35% age 45-64). This is the demographic most likely to use coupons and that are heavy spenders. If you own a retail business, Groupon is a great place to go for making your daily deals.