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Yesterday we discussed the difference between effective and ineffective social media marketing. There are a lot of companies trying to do it, but doing it poorly. And many of them are top advertisers.

While big brands are going online to advertise their products, they are also approaching social media and new marketing tools with the same old mindset. Here’s an infographic I found that shows how the top 200 brands are using their advertising dollars.

Top 200 Brands Advertising Spends
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Many of these companies are shifting their advertising dollars to online channels – social media, search engine marketing, PPC, etc. An interesting question to answer would be, Why?

My take: I think the top brands are shifting to online marketing because it is cheaper than traditional marketing. Their dollars can go further. The perception is that they can get more mileage for the buck by saving on the medium. That’s not true, however. It says nothing about the effectiveness of the advertising.

One thing companies need to understand is that online marketing – and social media marketing, in particular – is not like traditional marketing. You can shift your budget, but you’d better shift your mindset along with it, or you’ll just end up throwing your ad dollars down the drain.