co Facebook, Skype, And Small Business |

It has become fashionable for businesses to hold webinars online. That’s a good thing. Webinars can be powerful marketing tools. But with Facebook and Skype, online webinars can take on a whole new flavor.

Consider this: Facebook and Skype have integrated. So what, you say?

I’ll tell you so what.

Facebook is the most trafficked website online. You knew that, I’m sure. What that means is, there’s more than a fair chance that your target market is hanging out there. If you instant message with your customers or potential customers through Facebook, you can now do that through Skype. And, you can also like comments and comment on status updates through Skype.

That might seem like a small thing, and it really is. But if you consider that Skype is also a powerful voice and video communication system through which you can interact with your customers and potential customers, then the integration takes on whole new meaning. You can incorporate Skype into your small business website, allowing your customers to field questions with a simple Skype call.

How hard would it be to Like a friend’s comment and have that friend drop by your business page and leave a comment. Then you could direct your friend to your website to Skype their question to you and get the answer in real time with your voice and video image interacting with them through their computer screen. Someday, I envision being able to call your Facebook friends with Skype right inside of Facebook. Now, wouldn’t that be cool?