co Will Brand Domain Names Be A Small Business Opportunity? |

I know Frank Reed says a recent ICANN ruling that will allow large corporations to purchase their own domain name extensions for their brands will only be available for the big guys – small businesses won’t be able to afford it. However, I can see opportunity here for small businesses.

Where there are domain name extensions, there will be domain names. So, for instance, imagine Samsonite applying for one of these branded TLDs and paying the fee. Who will be allowed to have a .samsonite domain name? I’d imagine anyone that Samsonite allows to.

A large corporate brand could conceivably purchase its own domain name and sell domains to anyone willing to pay their fee. So if you sell luggage in your small town department store, what’s to stop you and Samsonite from entering into an agreement for you to have your own domain at yourstore.samsonite? (Under this scenario, by the way, you could also have domains at yourstore.royce and yourstore.travelpro.)

Or imagine this, the city of Dallas, Texas gets its own top level domain extension – .dallas. What if they allowed businesses headquartered there to have their own domain name? A city could conceivably give away those domain names on a first-come, first-serve basis. Or they could sell them and put the revenue into developing city infrastructure. The sky’s the limit, right?

I can imagine this scenario, however, there is one big challenge – a major hurdle, if you will. How can these domains be search engine optimized, or can they? How will search engines adapt their own search algorithms to make those domains more searchable, or will they bother?

Of course, .dallas could have its own search feature so Google’s search recognition may not be necessary. However, I’m curious what the nature of search would look like with thousands, possibly millions, of legitimate, ICANN-recognized TLDs. What do you think?