co Link Building In 2011 |

Veteran Internet marketer Debra Mastaler has an interesting post on how to obtain new links, a process she calls “link marketing” instead of link building, for your website today. If you look at the list, it’s really nothing new. In fact, she tells you as much before she dives in. But there was one thing that caught my eye about her list.

1. If you use directories in your linking efforts, replace the word “directory” with “document sharing site” and search on your keywords to find new submission sources. Consider submitting your content in various formats in addition to print.

In other words, instead of searching for directories to add your website to, search for document sharing sites and upload a .pdf or other document that will get you a backlink to your site.

I hadn’t thought of that, but document sharing is becoming the new directory submission. That’s not to say that directory listings won’t still work. They will, but document sharing is still new enough that the search engines haven’t been inundated with spam. Therefore, their algorithms are behind the curve. Rest assured, however, that document sharing sites will become like directory sites and be overly saturated with spam at some point.

I like what Debra says about being first. You don’t have to be creative with your link building efforts if you beat your competition to the tactic. In her own words again, she says:

It’s never been about what you do, it’s always been about where. Find fresh sources to use standard tactics and you’ll keep the links coming.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Debra, for a great tip!