co When Is A Bad Review Good? |

2K Games hired a PR firm to seek out reviews of its new game Duke Nukem Forever. The reviews weren’t so good so the PR firm representative tweeted his frustration. He lost his job too.

James Redner isn’t the first person ever to be disappointed with a negative review. He won’t be the last. And he wasn’t the first to challenge reviewers publicly over them, nor will he be the last. But what he did was inappropriate for a PR firm.

That aside, however, are bad reviews good? Can they be? My contention is that, yes, bad reviews can often be good. Maybe even most of the time.

The purpose of seeking reviews is to get your product or service in front of consumers. It’s free publicity. That said, even if you get a bad review of your product or service, you’ve still achieved the goal. People know about your offering. And some people will buy your product or service just to see if they agree with the reviewer.

What Should You Do If You Get A Bad Review?

If you do get a bad review, try to learn from it. What didn’t the reviewer like, and why? When you make your next product, try to keep those things in mind and build off of your previous successes.

Of course, reviewers can be wrong. There have been plenty of successful products, movies, books, etc. that reviewers hated yet the consumer public really loved. So don’t just rely on professional reviewer opinions.

Bad reviews are going to happen. Don’t sweat them. If you feel you must challenge them publicly, be respectful and explain why you think the reviewer is wrong. Offer a public discussion and not an angry tirade. You may even get the reviewer to change his or her opinion.