co Is Twitter A Soapbox Or A Sponge Rack? |

Anyone who has used Twitter knows that you can use it for any number of purposes. Some people are so prolific in using Twitter that you could appropriately call it their soapbox. They sound off about everything. Others, however, might never utter a peep. They seem to be there only to hear what others are saying. Then, of course, you have the great mass of Twitter users who fall somewhere in between.

So the question is, does Twitter make a better soapbox – a place where anyone can shout about anything and everything that twitters their beaks – or does it make a better sponge rack – a place where Net denizens can lie around a listen to what the cyberworld is saying every minute of the day? My take: It’s both.

Twitter is one of those rare Internet tools that can be whatever you make it. If you just want to listen, fine. If you prefer to shout, that’s fine too.

Most of us can benefit from using Twitter in more than one way. There are times when you’ll want to listen – as in when one of your followers is giving you important feedback on your product or when an industry leader is discussing a new trend – and then there are times when you’ll want to stand up and crow, such as when you have won a prestigious industry award or you have a new blog post.

The important thing to know about Twitter is that it isn’t limited to a few uses. Use your imagination. It’s one of the most flexible and versatile social media tools on the Internet.