co The Future Of Facebook |

If there is anything the Web has taught us it’s that you can’t really predict what trends will be the leading trends in five or ten years. In 1995, for instance, no one knew that search would become the most important method for finding information online. Google didn’t come along until 1998.

In 2001, no one knew that blogging would be as popular as it has become. No one knew that a service like YouTube would grow to become the second largest search engine. And no one knew that social media marketing would become as important as search. In fact, Facebook is now the most trafficked website online. Who knew?

So what will happen in the next five years? No one knows. But WebProNews speculates.

I certainly do think that Chris Crum is on the right track when he talks about using Facebook for e-commerce. My hope is that online marketers won’t abandon their own websites in order to set up a Facebook store. My hope is that they’ll see Facebook as another channel, sort of like a branch of an existing business online. You’ll still want to have your online headquarters at your own web address.

The one thing that I did find interesting about Chris’s insights, and something I hadn’t thought of before, is the use of Facebook credits for normal offline shopping. He’s talking about using Facebook currency as real world currency, which is a novel idea.

What do you see happening with Facebook in the next five years? How do you think we’ll be using it?