co 4 Old-Fashioned IM Strategies That Still Work |

It may seem odd to call any Internet marketing strategy an “old-fashioned” or “traditional” strategy, but we are now over 20 years since the invention of the World Wide Web and commercial Internet marketing. It’s interesting to note, however, that what worked in 1992 still can work in 2011. Hare are 4 old-fashioned Internet marketing strategies that still have the power to work some magic.

  1. E-mail MarketingE-mail marketing has been around for so long that it hardly seems just to say it’s new. It IS new, however, compared to old icons like television and radio advertising. But compared to new Internet marketing strategies like social media and video marketing, it’s as old as the hills. Still, it can be very effective.
  2. Article Marketing – Internet marketers were marketing with articles as early as 1991. Now, in 2011, article marketing is still a powerhouse despite the Panda update.
  3. Forum Marketing – OK, I’m being a little bit misleading here. Today’s forums are 1991s bulletin boards. Still, those old bulletin boards were a lot like forums. People signed on, read the threads, and posted their rebuttals. They also got some business from that effort. Today’s forums are a bit more sophisticated and have rules in place to control spam, but they are still effective marketing venues.
  4. Websites – This one is so simple it’s a no-brainer. From the very first website ever built to the most modern-looking Web 2.0 communities, a website is still the perfect online marketing tool. This is such a basic truth that it’s hard to believe that online marketers attempt to run a business using other tools without a website. I see Internet marketers using social media, forums, articles, videos, Squidoo Lenses and HubPages, and all sorts of other online channels without first having built their own hub – the company website. Build your website first, then do all the rest.

If you are serious about marketing your business online, start with the basics. Build yourself a website, then market it with articles and join a couple of forums. Start an e-mail newsletter. After that, branch out into the newer, more modern online marketing channels.