co Why SEO Is Getting Harder |

Many website owners have given up on SEO entirely. They’ve abandoned the old-fashioned Internet marketing channel of search engine optimization in favor of the easier to manage social media channel. But I don’t think that’s a wise choice.

The reason businesses are abandoning SEO in favor of social media is because it is getting more and more difficult.

Google constantly updates its algorithms. In fact, they do so at least a couple of times a day – every day – which makes high rankings a moving target. That’s not really a big deal when you think about it. As difficult as SEO is, it’s still based on a few proven principles.

Nevertheless, companies are abandoning it. And new developments such as HTML5, rich snippets, and schema, are making it more difficult. While these have not caught on just yet, you can bet that schema will eventually catch on, and when it does it will make SEO a lot harder. Only the truly initiated will succeed.

That’s why it will become even more important for small businesses to have a solid SEO company on their side. When you consider that more than 80% of web traffic still comes from search engines, it just doesn’t make sense to abandon SEO as a channel. If anything, we should be pursuing it all the more.