co Amazon Goes Local |

If you think Groupon is a good deal and enjoy making daily deals, or taking advantage of the daily deals offered by other local businesses in your area, then you’ll likely fall in love with Amazon. That’s right,, the online retail giant.

Amazon has recently offered its own daily deals site to compete with Groupon. It’s called AmazonLocal.

This is a big deal for a number of reasons. First, Amazon is a recognized name brand, which means instant recognition. In fact, Amazon enjoys being one of the most recognized brands online so the fact that they are getting into the daily deals space means that 1) the daily deals space is a hot item and 2) that Amazon believes that a presence in this market can boost its own revenues and its own clout with consumers. I think both of those statements is probably true.

Right now, the service is only available in Boise, Idaho. But I expect new markets to open soon. If the test markets work well for Amazon, you can bet that Amazon’s huge list of current customers will be hearing about AmazonLocal.

Also, when I went to the AmazonLocal website, I was greeted by name. Of course, being a customer of Amazon, they have my IP address. That’s a smart move, Amazon. And I think that level of personalization, which Amazon is very good at, will benefit AmazonLocal a great deal at it enters this new local marketing space.

The benefit to you, the local business owner who offers daily deals, is that you can piggyback off the well known Amazon name.