co Internet Marketing On A Small Budget |

Small businesses do not have the benefit of a huge budget. Unlike many large corporations, you can’t just throw money at the folks in marketing and expect them to turn the world over. Chances are, if your business is small enough, you are the marketing department.

So how can you make Internet marketing work for you? Can you look big and still market your business online with a short budget? Yes, you can.

First, you’ve got to set your priorities. Too many small business owners get social media happy early on and forget that the search engines deliver the lion’s share of traffic to websites overall. It’s important that you put your time, money, and other resources into the channels that are going to make you the most money.

While social media is more difficult to track than other channels, it does have a kind of branding power that can augment your other channels. The trick is in getting the right mix of channels in your online marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization takes more time before real results start showing themselves, but it’s well worth the effort up front to make that happen. By contrast, pay per click advertising requires an upfront investment, but you can generally start seeing results much sooner. You have to figure out your budget early on, then put your money and your time into those channels that show the most promise.