co Does Google +1 Equal Higher Rankings? |

Google is always on the prowl for the next big idea. Ever since social media has taken off and become the new “in thing,” Google has been trying to figure out how it can get in on the game as well. The Google +1 button just might be the ticket.

Or maybe not.

According to WebProNews:

Google has said flat out that the button will be used as a ranking signal.

Nice. But will anyone use it? I mean, besides website publishers and SEOs?

Here’s what I see happening. A mass flux of websites flocking to add the Google +1 button to their sites, then webmasters and publishers encouraging their users to +1 them. They, of course, won’t inform their users that by doing so they are pushing the publishers up in the rankings. And, of course, the publishers themselves will +1 their own sites.

I also see communities forming to +1 each other’s sites in the same way that StumbleUpon users now reciprocate Stumbles.

Eventually, Google will figure out a way to discount +1s by site owners themselves. They may even figure out reciprocal +1 schemes. But in the end, will the +1 button make SEO any easier, or will it make it more difficult for the average Internet marketer?

Only time will tell. I just hope Google doesn’t flub this up.