co Is Twitter Good For SEO? |

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Twitter is good for SEO. I think there is one thing that is evidence that Twitter is, indeed, good for SEO (but that’s not the only benefit). Both major search engines – Google and Bing – include Twitter in their search results. Google has gone so far as to include a realtime search channel in its search menu.

So how can Twitter help you improve your SEO?

There are several indicators of relevance and quality attached to Twitter as an SEO tool. Here are a few based on my own observations:

  • Be aware of your text – Just like anchor text, the search engines likely use the text within your tweets to determine what a link is about. However, if you use short URLs, you shouldn’t expect them to pass link juice.
  • Tweet authority – Both search engines look at page authority when determining the value of a link with organic SEO. They likely use a similar approach to determine link value from a Twitter account. If a tweet’s author has a high authority, it will be a high value link.
  • Link in your profile – The link in your profile likely passes link juice.
  • Link diversity – If you keep tweeting to the same domain over and over again, the search engines will consider that a spam account and likely discount all your links.
  • Your overall social authority – Your social graph overall is very important. This includes your reputation across all social media. While it is difficult to tell exactly how this reputation is scored, if you have a positive reputation across all social media, that will look better to the search engines and your links overall will carry more authority.

These are just guesses. There is no guaranteed way to tell if your Twitter links are improving your SEO without placing specific measurements in place. And the search engines have said that Twitter links are no follow, however, Google has been known to ignore the no follow rule when it deems it should. You should always assume your links will pass some value and work on making all of your online marketing efforts more SEO-friendly.