co Tips For Facebook Marketing |

All Facebook shares these tips for effective marketing and public relations through Facebook:

  • Post your best content on Thursday because that is the day it is most likely to get read.
  • Release major news releases early in the morning; otherwise, you will get shuffled to the bottom of the news feeds.
  • Full links are 300% more likely to get read than short URLs (which is the total opposite of Twitter, by the way).
  • When adding buttons to your website, use both the Like and the Send button.
  • If you want to be included in the top news of your friends’ feeds, focus on gaining higher “Edge Rank,” the algorithm that is based on certain key words like “today” and “limited time only.”
  • Since Facebook is one of the leading sites for driving traffic to 21 of the top news agency websites, make good use of it in your social media marketing.
  • Words like “best” and “most” are most shareable on Facebook.
  • If you want your video to go viral, Facebook is the best platform to use.

I can’t vouch personally for all of these tips, but a few of them I can. The full link, for instance, is a must when sharing on Facebook. Also, posting your news release first thing in the morning means being top priority for the day.

Have fun, and be effective, when posting on Facebook.