co How To Lose Friends On Facebook |

Sometimes, a no-brainer really is a no-brainer. Facebook is for making friends, not losing them. An article at All Facebook tells you how to lose friends on Facebook. Here are the highlights:

  • Lie often – No one likes to be lied to, even on Facebook. Do it often and you’ll develop a bad reputation. This is especially important for business.
  • Always brag about yourself – Of course, business is about self-promotion. You can’t get around it. But do you do it appropriately? Don’t be overzealous about your own accomplishments.
  • Insult others on their walls – This is bad form, in business or not.
  • Post obnoxious things on other people’s walls – One of those no-brainers.
  • Tag people in unflattering images – This can sometimes just be flat annoying. I’ve been tagged in photos that have nothing to do with me. Even if not “unflattering,” it’s a good way to annoy someone. Only tag people in photos that are relevant to them, and make sure they are not unflattering.
  • Start fights – Uncool. Just real uncool.
  • Don’t set up friends lists – If you use Facebook for personal reasons and business, separate your friends into lists. Your family doesn’t want to hear about every single development in your business, and your business friends don’t care about Uncle Bob’s heat rash.

A friend of mine got upset when someone sent him a private message to wish him a happy birthday and slipped in a link to their Facebook page. It was someone he hadn’t heard from in over a year. What’s the lesson? Don’t use events like birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries to promote yourself. If you want to be nice and send a happy greeting, then do so, but don’t kill it with self promotion. My friend unfriended the PMer. I understand that.