co Caroline Melberg - Best Thinker? |

I’m no Einstein. I know that. But according to one media website online – Social Media Today – I’m one of the Web’s best thinkers on social media. Yee-haw!

Remember the article I wrote on Quora, the one comparing it to Twitter? Yeah, that one. It’s been reprinted by Social Media Today. And it’s getting a lot of traction to boot.

Social Media Today is an independent online community for PR and marketing professionals. That’s why I’m honored to be featured on the website there. It means that I have been recognized by my peers within the profession as a person who is at the forefront in thought on the matters that are important to our profession. It’s truly a great honor.

So what’s it got to do with you? I hope you find it encouraging. After all, you could have similar accolades for your work within your industry.

It’s one thing to be regarded as smart about marketing and PR matters by my customers. It’s quite another to be thought so by peers within my profession, many of whom are also competitors. It takes a lot of hard work to get those achievements, but when it happens, then you know that all of your efforts have paid off. Here’s to hoping that you receive similar honors in your chosen profession.