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If you are involved in any link building efforts at all – and you should be – then you’ll have to keep track of where you put your links and which ones are tracked by the search engines. I recommend a simple Excel spreadsheet for the former – or you could buy a bit of software that does it for you (if you really want to spend the money). But for keeping track of what the search engines consider inbound links, you have two options.

  1. You can buy a program that monitors each search engine’s link count (which won’t be 100% accurate – especially for Bing and Google)
  2. Or you can use a free link checker

There are link checkers online that are free. Of course, the free ones are no better at accurately counting the inbound links from Google and Bing than the paid ones are. That’s because these two search engines don’t report all their links. They prefer to keep that information secret.

Yahoo!, on the other hand, has always been open about letting website owners (and the whole world) know what it considers to be a good inbound link. You can find that information through Yahoo!s Site Explorer.

Site Explorer is free and allows you to get more than just inbound link information about your websites. And you can use it to explore link opportunities for your websites. It’s one of the world’s most valuable free tools.