co Local Search: The Wave Of The Future |

You may be tired of hearing about it by now, but the predictions have been made. The future of search is local. A new study indicates this to be the case.

Now, the question remains: What does it mean when they say that local search ad revenue is climbing? In a nutshell, it means that Google is going to make a lot more money. And Bing will make a little bit, too.

But for local small businesses, it also means that search ads will be a primary online marketing channel. Are you surprised by that?

Figures show that by 2015, local search ad revenue will hit $8.23 billion. Online and interactive advertising will hit $16 billion. It looks like local online advertising is poised to grow. Surprise, surprise.

Those of us “in the business” have seen it coming for at least two or three years now. Local online advertising, and search in particular, is going to be the area that a lot of your competitors focus on. They will be making money on that effort. The question for you, as a small business owner with a local clientele, is: Will you be making money on it?

Now is the time to start planning for your local online marketing. Get ahead of the curve and you stand a good chance of staying ahead.