co 5 Internet Marketing Myths |

Props to David Jackson for his article “10 Biggest Internet Marketing Myths Exposed.” These 5 Internet marketing myths come from his list, but I could just as well have created them from scratch. These are myths you’ve probably heard over and over again (and may have even bought into yourself). I’ll tell you why they’re myths.

  1. Anyone can succeed at Internet marketing. Just like anyone can succeed at rocket science. Every profession has a set of skills that are necessary to become successful in that career. If you don’t possess those skills, and in some cases you need specialized knowledge, then you won’t succeed. Internet marketing is a skill. If you don’t have it, hire someone who does.
  2. You can get rich quick on the Internet. I’ve never met anyone who has gotten rich quick at anything. Ignore the hype. The reality is, online marketing is hard work.
  3. All traffic is good traffic. This one is a doozy. Try paying for traffic from a traffic exchange and see if you come away with the same idea. Targeted traffic is good. Slush traffic is not.
  4. E-mail marketing is dead. Really? I’ve had some of my best sales through e-mail marketing. It’s not dead. It’s still very effective and if you do it right, then you’ll get a lot of good business from it.
  5. Article marketing is not as effective as it used to be. Yes it is. You might have to change how you do it a little bit, but article marketing is still effective.

These 5 Internet marketing myths are often repeated, especially within the context of small business marketing. They’re not true because many small business marketers use these tactics every day – to great effect. You can too.