co How To Increase Your Keyword Rankings |

When you consider that roughly 90% of searchers click on results on the first page, and that more than 80% click on results in the top three positions on the first page, it makes sense to try and improve your rankings for important keywords. Moving a keyword ranking from the bottom of the first page to one of the first three positions can boost your website’s traffic by thousands – of course, the hard numbers depend on your niche and the number of people searching for information on a particular keyword phrase.

Considering these facts, it makes sense to boost those rankings. So how do you do it? Here are the steps to boost your keyword rankings for any keyword you want to improve upon:

  1. Check your organic search traffic under Traffic Sources in Google Analytics
  2. Export the data in CSV
  3. Using a website ranking tool, check the rankings for each keyword on your list
  4. Find the keywords that are sending you traffic despite their lower rankings (you’ll get better results if you focus on those keywords where your rankings are at the bottom of the first page or on the second or third page; these are easier to push up to higher visible rankings quickly.)
  5. Once you’ve got your list, start a link building campaign for those keywords (write articles, guest blog posts, and use social media to promote them)

Your link building campaign should focus on achieving high value anchor text links for the specific keywords that you are targeting. If you do this right, you’ll push your rankings up a few notches within a month or two. That will increase your traffic, and if your web pages are converting that traffic, then you’ll see an increase in ROI.