co Are SEO And Link Building The Same Thing? |

There seems to be two major philosophies with regard to link building in the SEO realm. You have SEOs who believe that link building is the most important SEO activity. Then you have SEOs who believe that content development is more important. Of the latter type, there are SEOs who place varying degrees of importance on links.

So who’s right?

I’m on the side of the content development SEOs. It doesn’t do any good to build links to a web page with no content. On the other hand, you can rank a web page with outstanding content even if it has no inbound links. Granted, it is difficult, especially in firmly established niches where dominance has already been determined. It’s much easier, however, in niches that are brand new or where dominance has not been established.

When it comes to SEO and link building, it’s best to see content development and link building as two prongs of the same fork. You want your content to shine, both with regard to search engine optimization and with regard to human readership. Once you’ve built up some solid content, then you should engage in your link building efforts. Just be sure that you put your priorities on the right kinds of links.