co Do You HAVE To Blog Every Day? |

One of the things that you’ll hear often among professional Internet marketers and SEOs is that you should blog every day. The reason you hear this advice is because they want to sell you their services. Obviously, if you blog every day, then that will cost you more in ghostwriting services than if you blog once a week. But is it really necessary that you blog every day?

The rule of thumb is this: You should blog as often as you can. The search engines crawl your website every time you update it. It follows to reason, then, that the more often you update your website the more often your website will be crawled.

Using the logic of those SEOs who try to sell you on everyday blogging, you should update your blog ten times a day. Can you afford that?

For everything you do in your business, there is a cost-benefit analysis. Can you afford it financially? Can you afford to spend the time doing it yourself? What are the benefits to doing it the way you are planning to do it?

In answer to the question “Should you blog every day?,” the answer is, “If you can afford it.” If it makes sense for your business, then do it.

You should blog as often as you can. If you can blog every day yourself because you have the time to devote to that task, then you should. If you can’t find the time to manage your own blog, then hire a professional ghostwriting service to do it for you. If that means blogging three times a week versus every day because that’s what you can afford, take that up with the service you are hiring.

However often you blog, you should have a blog that markets your business well.