co 3 Timeless Copywriting Techniques |

Ever wonder how effective copywriters manage to get people to click their links and read their content? It’s really no mystery. It’s not a carefully guarded secret or anything, although some copywriters would have you believe it is. Rather, effective copywriting techniques are a matter of doing the right things in the right way. Then, watch your site visitors drool over your words.

There are many more effective copywriting techniques than just these, but I thought I’d share 3 of my favorites with you today:

  • Write for scanners – Online, people don’t read voluminous works. They scan them. So write for the scanners. That means using graphics, images, bullet points, page layout, headlines and subheads, bold and italics, and other page elements to make your words stand out. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Use power words – Do you wonder why copywriters like the word “free?” It’s because it’s a word that gets attention. People love getting things for free. Veteran copywriter Robert Bly calls it the most powerful word in the English language. Use it in your copy and see what happens. Of course, there are hundreds of other power words too: “Easy,” “guarantee,” “sexy”, etc. Learn the power words and watch your words shine.
  • Rely on lists – Lists work. They are memorable. And they get people’s attention. Top 10 things …. 21 ways …. Bullet points. Ordered lists. Unordered lists. They are visual and they’re easy to read. Use them.

So there you have it. My top 3 favorite copywriting techniques. They’re powerful, they’re easy to use, they’re short, and they work. Try them.