co Why E-mail Marketing Still Works |

After 20 years (give or take), e-mail marketing is still one of the most efficient and effective ways to promote a business or brand. Since online marketing first took of in the mid-1990s, e-mail marketing has been the No. 1 way that serious Internet marketers made their cash. It still is.

Why does e-mail marketing work?

I think there are a number of reasons why e-mail marketing still works. First, it’s a trusted medium. Just take a look at all those e-mails your friends share with you – I’m talking about the urban legends that keep circulating. How many of your friends will not hesitate to copy you on an e-mail that is obviously a fake news story without even bothering to check into its validity at or a similar truth-telling website?

More people use e-mail every day than any other digital tool. Most people who use e-mail have more than one e-mail address and use e-mail as their primary communication tool. They use it multiple times throughout a normal business day.

E-mail marketing prospects are very responsive. If you were to send out a direct marketing piece by snail mail, you could hope to get a 2% response, which would be awesome. But your margins would be lower with a similar response by e-mail since you’d have to pay for printing costs and postage. With e-mail, a much lower response means a higher profit margin. However, successful e-mail campaigns generally produce a higher response rate. Why?

The reason e-mail marketing is so effective is because you have to get permission from people before you send them an e-mail. They have to sign up for your list, which isn’t necessary for snail mail direct marketing.

Once you have a person’s permission, you can send them any number of e-mails you want. They’ll either respond or they won’t. But if you send out quality information by e-mail, then you will get a response. The reason e-mail marketing is so effective is because your clients have asked you to send them information. It’s a warm list.