co Kudos To HubPages |

Anyone who has read my blog for very long knows that I am a strong advocate of article marketing. That is, I believe that writing articles and publishing off of your website with links back to your website is a good way to promote yourself online. The benefits are simple:

  • Free one-way links
  • Enhanced reputation for the author
  • New targeted traffic to your website
  • And that’s just a start

HubPages has done well to provide these benefits. But due to a recent Google algorithm change, which everyone has started calling Panda, HubPages has had to undergo some policy changes.

Some of these changes makes me wonder why HubPages ever accepted some articles in the first place. For instance:

Duplicated Content: While we used to allow some duplicated content (e.g. if it also existed on your blog and so long as you did not link back to the source), it is now required that all content published on HubPages be unique to the site

I’d have thought that would be a no-brainer. But I guess not.

There are other policies HubPages are incorporating that I give them credit for. Some authors may not like them, but I think they are great changes. The result will be more credibility for HubPages and for its authors. Everyone wins. How can that be bad?