co Yahoo! Unloads Delicious |

Yesterday, the Internet’s largest has been – Yahoo! – sold Delicious. But unless you’ve heard the news, you might not guess who the buyers were. Do the names Chad Hurley and Steve Chen mean anything? No? How about YouTube?

Mssrs. Hurley and Chen are co-founders of YouTube, which they sold to Google awhile back. So I suppose they had the money to buy the struggling social bookmarking website.

Delicious is one of the early forerunners of social bookmarking. You would think that it would have a lot more clout today because of its early start status. And it might have had it not been purchased by Yahoo! a long, long time ago.

The question is, can these two successful entrepreneurs take Delicious and turn it into a superstar? They’ve already been a big part of two other Internet companies that achieved superstar status – PayPal and YouTube. That at least gives me a little bit of confidence in the future of Delicious. I was afraid that it might get shut down.

Yahoo! sent out an e-mail to Delicious members asking for their permission to transfer bookmarks to AVOS, Mssrs. Hurley’s and Chen’s new venture. Users of Delicious have until July 2011 to accept AVOSs terms of service and to transfer their bookmarks. Its current life will expire at that time and the new Delicious will be born. Are you as excited about this news as I am?