co Have You Asked Your Clients What They Want? |

Let’s say you want to build the most useful information page about some aspect of your product or service on the Web (you do, don’t you?). What would you do to ensure you met that goal? Here’s a real simple suggestion: Ask your clients.

Pose the question in such a way that they will answer with the answers to exact questions that someone might query in Google.

For instance, if you are writing about automobile tires and you want your page to be full of information about automobile tires, what are some questions that people might ask to find out about them? Here are some off the top of my head:

  1. What are the width and depth of tread?
  2. What size are the tires?
  3. Are they steel belted?
  4. What vehicles will they fit onto?
  5. Are they interchangeable with other tires? If so, which ones?
  6. Will they perform well in all kinds of weather?

So if you were to ask your clients about the kinds of questions they’d want answers to, you’d want their questions to look like this. These are the questions you want your content page about tires to answer. Answer them all and you’ll satisfy your clients.

This is probably the easiest way in the world to come up with great content for your website. Don’t you think?