co Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time? |

Are you making the most use of your time as a marketer? I’d be willing to bet that most online marketers are spending too much time on social media or unproductive channels. I have no data to back it up, but I know people and I think I know that most people are going to do what is fun before they do what is profitable and unfun.

Social media is fun. You can chat for hours with your best friend from high school, get stuck playing Cityville, or laugh out loud at the funny jokes your fans are sending your way. But are you getting any work done?

It’s a well known fact that 80%-85% of traffic for almost every website online comes from the search engines. It should seem to reason then that website owners and managers should spend that much time on search engine marketing efforts rather than social media or other forms advertising. Don’t you think?

Let’s say you work 10 hours a day every day. Six hours of that is spent on customer service (fulfilling orders, taking complaints, billing, etc.). That leaves you four hours for other activity. How are you filling that four hours?

In my opinion, you should be spending three hours on search engine marketing activities (blogging, PPC, or content creation) and the remaining one hour on social media and non-SEM activities. If you are spending your time in just the reverse, then I’d say you’ve got it backwards.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media is good. It’s fun. And you can generate traffic and sales from it. But 85% of your traffic is going to come from Google and Bing. So you should probably put your efforts into activities that are going to bring you the most money. That’s SEM. That means writing that daily blog post and spending some time tweaking your landing pages and PPC ads. Are you doing that?