co Let The Grocer Teach You E-mail Marketing |

What can a grocer possibly know about e-mail marketing? Everyone needs groceries. It’s not like you have to sell the benefits of eating, right?

While it’s technically true that groceries are something that everyone has to buy, it’s also true that they have plenty of choices in where to get their groceries. They don’t have to get them from one place over another. And that’s why marketing is important. It’s about positioning your company above the competition. E-mail marketing is one strategy for making that happen.

One grocer is using e-mail marketing and getting a 55% open rate on its e-mails. That’s phenomenal!

One particularly telling comment in the Constant Contact interview is the answer to the very last question. I love this answer:

Don’t use it just to sell; use it to inform. Use it to build a relationship. Once you start down the road of a hard sell, that’s when you start losing folks because it’s not information that they want — they want information they can use that will make their lives easier.

That’s clearly the answer of someone who understands e-mail marketing. It’s not about selling you product. It’s about building a relationship with your customers. Give them rock solid information they can use and they will open your e-mails, read them, and call you when they have a need for your services.