co 3 Ways A Blog Helps You SEO-Wise |

If you add a blog to your company website, there are 3 very distinct SEO benefits that you gain from doing this. Of course, you only get these benefits if your blog and if you blog in the right manner.

Here are those 3 benefits:

  1. Fresh Content – Every time you write a blog post, you add fresh content to your website. This invites the search engine spiders back to your site to crawl it. Each time your website is crawled is another chance to rise in the rankings for your keywords.
  2. Increased Search Engine Rankings – Not only do you have more opportunities to rank with each blog post, but each blog post can rank according to its own merits. Every blog post is considered a separate web page by the search engines. As such, each blog post can rank for a separate keyword phrase.
  3. Linkbuilding – Because you can link to your website pages from your blog, you can drive up those pages in search engine rankings using powerful link anchor text.

There are other benefits to blogging, but these are three of the biggest SEO benefits. Needless to say, the more often you blog, the more likely you are to realize these benefits. And if you create blog posts around your important keywords, you’re also more likely to realize these benefits.

Do you have a company blog? If not, why not?