co How To Promote Your Business In 2011 |

When it comes to promoting a small business, you have to prepare for changes. Marketing today is a far cry different than it was in 1950, or 1980, or even in 2000. Here are some of the most effective strategies for promoting a business in 2011.

  • Search engine optimization – First, build a website. Make sure it is optimized to receive search engine traffic.
  • Start a blog – Search engines like consistent fresh content. Update your blog daily. It’s the best search engine marketing money can buy.
  • Pay per click advertising – For a quick response, spend your money on PPC.
  • Article marketing – Article marketing is not dead. It’s different than it was ten years ago, but articles still are a good traffic source.
  • Social bookmarking – Bookmark and share all of your content at two or three social bookmarking sites daily.
  • Social networking – Pick two or three social networks and be active on those networks about an hour every day. Fifteen minutes at each social network will do wonders for your business.
  • Press releases – Write and publish a press release online every time your company does something remarkable.
  • Claim your business – If you are a local business, claim your business in each of the search engine’s local business directories.

Is this hard? No. It might be time consuming, but that’s why you hire a professional marketing company to help you promote your business online so that you can leverage your time and the best marketing strategies of the day. Anything you do more than this is gravy.